The SOS Campaign

SOS. An acronym signifying danger. An international distress signal. A universal call for help. This saying, which once referred to saving sinking ships, now ought to mean so much more. Students and seniors, two seemingly unalike groups, are both in need of a product that ensures their safety on a day-to-day basis. Our campaign seeks to achieve this goal, seeks to Save Our Seniors and Save Our Students.


Yes. In many emergencies, as there is little to no time to unlock your phone, a button can be pressed on the lock screen to relay a message of your choice.

Unlike ordinary cell-phones or other forms of emergency communication, with the SOS application, a device can function in all areas of the school or elder care facility, will not get overwhelmed by an abundance of calls, recieves messages on the lock screen, and features other capabilities like Location Services to ensure safety during a crisis. Additionally, all forms of communication are in real time.

Yes. The application can be silenced by turning the speaker off. Voice will still be transmitted and the speaker icon will blink continuously.

This application is compatible with all forms of mobile devices with the family service, and desk phones with the organization service.

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